Kenny Flowers Spotify Playlists: Tropical Bangers, Garden Grooves

Kenny Flowers Spotify Playlists: Tropical Bangers, Garden Grooves

We're firm believers that it's always summer somewhere, but with the weather supposedly getting colder, we decided to compile some fire jams and heat things up as we put the final touches on our new collection. 

We're pumped to share/intro our Kenny Flowers Spotify channel, featuring 3 full-flavored playlists to match whatever funky, tropical, chill business you're getting into.

Tropical Bangers

The feel-good jams we bump at pool parties in Bali.

Chill Kinda Hungover

Our smooth soundtrack for weekend mornings at the beach and office afternoons trying to get there.

Garden Groovin’

Inspired by sunset sessions, this funky fresh playlist might be our favorite of them all.

Whether you're shuffling tracks in the office, or you find yourself playing DJ at the Friday night pregame, there should be a jam or few here for you. Skip the intro and hop right in.

Hope that our go-to songs help you find your groove, just like a good hawaiian shirt does. 

And if anyone has any song recs, feel free to pass 'em along in the comments. We'd love to have a listen and keep the record spinnin' year-round.

Taylan, groovin' to our Spotify channel, while rockin' some beach ballin' swim trunks and getting ish done before a pool party.

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