Welcome to Paradise

Kenny Flowers is an upscale, tropical clothing and lifestyle brand putting a fresh spin on Hawaiian shirts, resort looks, and men and women’s swimwear. Kenny Flowers is all about embracing the feeling of vacation, every day.

The man behind the brand

Kenny Flowers is run by Kenny Haisfield, who founded the brand in 2015 when he quit his corporate consulting job in NYC to move in with his grandma in Bali and start making Hawaiian shirts for his friends.

The woman behind the brand

A few years and a few thousand shirts later, Kenny’s best friend, first female customer, and now wife, Christina (luxury travel influencer and blogger Jetset Christina), expanded the brand into women’s resort and swimwear. Together, they’ve created a distinguished, sun-soaked line inspired by their experiences around the world, and designed to complement yours.

Kenny Flowers embodies the ideal modern vacation: A little bit of luxe, a lot of fun, and guaranteed sunshine on you at all times.

Made in paradise

Our products are made in boutique factories in sought-after destinations Bali and Colombia. Every thread is tropical at its core. In Bali, the shirts and coverups you love are hand-cut and sewn surrounded by beautiful rice fields and coconut trees. In Colombia, our swimwear is made with amor by an all-women run factory in Colombia’s capital of cool, Medellin. Kenny, Christina and the team work hand-in-hand with the factories to make every product perfect, and let’s be honest, they have a lot of fun doing it.


We believe that good shirts take you to even better places, and that when you look good, you feel better, which is contagious to everyone around you. 

From the beach clubs of Bali, to dive bars in the Caribbean, to your honeymoon in Santorini and summer weekends in The Hamptons, Kenny Flowers has you covered with upscale, versatile essentials that will stand out at the beach, the five-star resort, the rooftop bar, or your buddy’s backyard BBQ.

Do Good, Look Good, Feel Good

We know that with great shirts comes great responsibility. By choosing to buy from Kenny Flowers, you’re fueling a small, family business that gives back every step of the way. Through our partnership with CEO4Teens, an education foundation started by Kenny, we have sent more than 150 students to college in Bali, and sponsored GED’s for 100+ underprivileged Americans since 2015. And we’re just getting started. We’re committed to running a genuine business, leading with our heart, because we feel at our best when we’re doing good and helping others along the way.


Kenny & The Team