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This Is How One Pink Shirt Can Change The Entire Way You Think About Your Life

That’s what Hawaiians have always been about—for my grandfather, for Jimmy Buffett, and for Kenny. Life is serious. Work hard, stay inspired, pursue your dreams. But remember it's not that hard to enjoy yourself along the way with two buttons down.

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Hawaiian-themed golf apparel that even allows men and women to match on the course

Golf took off in 2020 as a great socially-distanced activity, and Kenny Flowers aims to fill a void in the golf apparel industry by launching the first line of high-quality matching golf shirts for both men and women.

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Covid Affect Your Wedding Plans? Here's How You Can Win a Dream Honeymoon

Kenny Flowers wants to make sure a few lucky couples get to experience their dream honeymoon even if they couldn’t experience their dream wedding just yet.

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We Can Still Travel — With Photoshop and a Dream

There’s little choice now but to stay grounded because of the coronavirus, but avid travelers are devising creative and meaningful ways to celebrate the vacations they have had to cancel.

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8 Smaller Brands That Are Helping During The Covid Crisis

As a small business, Kenny Flowers is determined to make a big difference in the US and the global battle against COVID-19.

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Kenny Flowers Hawaiian Shirts Are The Ultimate Summer Party Shirt

Great Hawaiian shirts like the ones from Kenny Flowers effortlessly transition between day and night – You can roll up to the pool or the dance floor wearing the same Aloha shirt. And they’re ultra lightweight, hanging loose and mellow on your body, like the men’s clothing equivalent of Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” at a tropical happy hour.

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This Is the New Bachelorette Uniform You’ll Need to Have This Year

You’ll have every other baching bride rethinking her ‘Out of Office’ floppy hats and tribe-twinning towels. Plus, the design and quality of Kenny Flowers’ fashions is SO GOOD, you’ll absolutely find yourself breaking out your sarong wrap again for your friend’s destination wedding, summers in the Hamptons, or your own honeymoon.

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