We know that with great shirts comes great responsibility. By choosing to buy from Kenny Flowers, you’re fueling a small, family business that gives back every step of the way.

Through our ongoing partnership with CEO4Teens, an education foundation started by Kenny in 2007, we have sent more than 150 students to college in Bali, and sponsored GED (high school equivalency) tests for more than 100 underprivileged Americans since 2015.


CEO4Teens is a nonprofit organization on a mission to create educational opportunities for financially-disadvantaged teenagers and young adults throughout the world.

CEO4Teens believes that no individual should be denied the opportunity to get a practical education due to economic restrictions. We aim to knock down the barriers preventing motivated, hard-working young adults from reaching their educational, career and life goals, by enabling them to get the education they deserve.

Bali, Indonesia

In 2007, we helped to start a college in Indonesia and committed to sponsoring at least 10 students per year through the foundation. To date, our scholarships have helped 150+ Indonesian teenagers continue their education past high school through a 1-year English, computer and leadership skills college program. As a result, they’re getting jobs that pay more than 5x their prior earning potential and help alleviate their families from poverty.

Continue Education → Realize Dreams → Alleviate Poverty → Give Back

Continue Education
The scholarship program helps financially disadvantaged teenagers continue their education

Realize Dreams
The alum of our program open their worlds and realize their dreams with new English, computer and leadership skills

Alleviate Poverty
New levels of income and opportunity improve financial standings of our alum and their families

Give Back
In their free time, CEO4Teens students and alum are constantly giving back - teaching English and values to the younger children of their villages and communities.


CEO4Teens currently partners with X-Cel Education to help underprivileged young adults in America obtain their GEDs. Since 2015, we have awarded over 100 scholarships to young men and women in the area to cover GED exam fees and help them receive their high school diploma equivalency.

Our GED program has helped 100+ students afford the GED test - removing a major financial hurdle and giving those that deserve it a second chance to achieve their dreams and advance their careers. We’re determined to expand our education-focused efforts in the states and help further improve economic opportunities where they are needed.


“If I didn’t receive a scholarship from CEO4Teens, most likely I would be struggling to take care of my daughter and to find the extra money to take the high school equivalency exam.”
- Sterling, GED Scholarship Recipient and now Website Frontend Developer

Every young adult we’ve helped sponsor is truly an evolving success story. We are on a mission to make a real difference and are motivated to do everything we can to continue providing educational opportunities for those that deserve a chance like Sterling - in the US and in communities dear to our brand.

“My goals have changed. Initially, my goal was to just make sure my daughter was good day to day. Now that I have sort of a foundation, I can focus on more of a bigger picture. In ten years, I see myself owning a small growing business, or sitting in a higher position at the company I work for now.”


We’re committed to running a genuine business, leading with our heart and doing what we can to help others along the way. Every purchase you make, helps us create educational opportunities for those in need. Feel free to shop the site to do so. 

Or if you’re feeling generous, you can donate directly to the cause now. Your support will help financially disadvantaged teenagers continue their education, achieve their dreams and alleviate their families from poverty.