We know that with great shirts comes great responsibility. By choosing to buy from Kenny Flowers, you’re fueling a small, family business that gives back every step of the way. 

Through our ongoing partnership with CEO4Teens, an education foundation started by Kenny in 2007, we have sent more than 150 students to college in Bali, and sponsored GED (high school equivalency) tests for more than 100 underprivileged Americans since 2015.

What is CEO4TEENS?

Bali, Indonesia

In 2007, we helped to start a college in Indonesia and committed to sponsoring at least 10 students per year through the foundation. To date, our scholarships have helped 150+ Indonesian teenagers continue their education past high school through a 1-year English, computer and leadership skills college program. As a result, they’re getting jobs that pay more than 5x their prior earning potential and help alleviate their families from poverty.

Continue Education → Realize Dreams → Alleviate Poverty → Give Back

Continue Education
The scholarship program helps financially disadvantaged teenagers continue their education

Realize Dreams
The alum of our program open their worlds and realize their dreams with new English, computer and leadership skills

Alleviate Poverty
New levels of income and opportunity improve financial standings of our alum and their families

Give Back
In their free time, CEO4Teens students and alum are constantly giving back - teaching English and values to the younger children of their villages and communities.

In America

Making A Real Difference

And we’re just getting started.

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