Call it a corporate social responsibility page, we call it a way of life.


Our Commitment to Education

Campuhan College, Bali, Indonesia

Kenny plays an active, on-the-ground, instrumental role in cultivating the leadership, English, and computer skills of these students, and has found ways to weave in his leadership role in his nonprofit with Kenny Flowers in many ways, such as employing the help of students in the designing of some of Kenny Flowers’ best shirts. The culture of Bali is very artistic, and we love that Kenny Flowers can help cultivate, and highlight, that artistic and creative nature.

Within the USA

We believe no individual should be denied the opportunity to get a practical education due to economic restrictions and we aim to knock down the barriers preventing motivated, hard-working young adults from reaching their educational, career and life goals, by enabling them to get the education they deserve within the US as well.

Kenny and CEO4Teens currently help underprivileged young adults in America obtain their GEDs. Since 2015, we have awarded over 100 scholarships to cover GED exam fees and help deserving young men and women receive their high school diploma equivalency. By removing this major financial hurdle, we’re able to give those that deserve it a second chance to achieve their dreams and advance their careers. We’re determined to expand our education-focused efforts in the states and help further improve economic opportunities where they are needed.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our commitment to who we work with worldwide

We’re all about work-life balance across the board (yours, ours, and everyone involved in making the KF clothes you run wild in) and love creating in places that:

  • You want to vacation
  • We want to work from
  • Are made by workers who are treated well and living right

Bali and Colombia both fit that criteria perfectly, so we wanted to shine some light on the operations.

Every KF shirt, kimono, coverup, dogdana, mask we make hails from Bali. Yep - you’re wearing a little piece of paradise when you kick it in a KF design. When we started in 2015, we explored the entire island and discovered this group of talented young artisans who have been crafting every KF shirt and coverup ever since. It’s a hand-cut, hands-on process that results in the island-ready looks you know and love - and we’re so happy to now be providing reliable work to 30+ families and supporting a community we feel so connected to in Bali.

When you order Kenny Flowers swimwear, you’re doing more than just nabbing a chic, top-of-the-line pair of trunks or swimsuit - you’re also supporting the incredible workforce of women that brings these pieces to life. Our women-run boutique factory in Medellin, Colombia prides themselves on the intricate work they do for the KF brand. These women have the best energy and work ethic during the week (and love to chill out in pueblos on the weekend). You can rest easy knowing that when you buy Kenny Flowers, you’re not just supporting us as risk-taking, island-hopping entrepreneurs, you’re supporting sustainable practices and a brilliant group of ladies who teach us something new every time we visit. (Si, we’re working on our spanish)

It’s not just about giveback and sustainability efforts to us - we also ensure that doing good is weaved into every thread of the business. We take pride in the factories we work with and how we continuously invest in their success - helping our factory in Bali grow from just a few people to now providing reliable work that allows 30+ artisans the ability to support their families, and helping our factory in Colombia survive the pandemic and government shutdown. From sponsored lunches in the factory, to bonuses before major local holidays, we’re committed to being a genuine business that wants to see our partners do well and be happy too.

Our commitment to

Making the World a Better Place

Rising to the Occasion


“Feeling good and doing good go hand-in-hand for me. I’ve always been a believer that doing good shouldn’t be looked at as a burden, but something that’s incorporated into your daily life and routine.”
– Kenny, Founder of Kenny Flowers