Welcome to Paradise


Hola there

I go by Kenny, or Kenny Flowers if we're being floral about it.

After growing up in Colorado and enjoying college life at UNC-Chapel Hill, I spent three years working as a consultant for IBM.  But don't worry, this is not one of those tired 'boy-quits-his-corporate-gig-to-travel-then-find-his-spirit-hawk-only-to-come-back-and-sell-you-lotion' stories.  No, I loved my time as a young professional.  I spent three years getting to think creatively, travel immensely, work with incredible people, and don't have a regret in the world.  I found ways to blend snowboarding, margaritas, family time, LatAm travel and more into the mix.

Over these years, my life has brought me from the beaches of Brazil to the Olympics in London, between countless hotels, hostels, houses, and hammocks I was fortunate enough to call home. From empty margarita glasses in Mexico to pitchers full of pilsner with the boys, one thing was always constant. That, of course, was my dad's hand-me-down Hawaiian shirt; that faded pink beauty was constantly there, constantly on, and constantly an inspiration to live life with half the buttons down.

Not for a second was it just a shirt.

Life is a serious business, but the most serious thing to remember is to have the best time you can, even when times aren't so great.  Work hard, stay inspired, pursue your dreams, but just remember; it's not that tough to enjoy yourself along the way.  Be the smile you want and the party you're looking for, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. That is what Kenny Flowers is all about.  A better fit. A fresher design. And a simple reminder to keep a smile on and have a good time, one button down at a time.

From the cabana to the cabin, the beach to the boat, the bar to the brunch table, I started Kenny Flowers to create a new vibe on an old style that will keep things fresh and keep you feeling great no matter where you are.  

So that is why, as a young man in his mid-20s, I left my job at IBM and jumped halfway across the globe to live in my grandma's extra room and start pumping out sleek, short-sleeve Hawaiian button downs. Not because I had to find myself but because it was time to start sharing what I have already found.

Kenny Flowers embodies the ideal modern vacation: A little bit of luxe, a lot of fun, and guaranteed sunshine on you at all times.


We believe that good shirts take you to even better places, and that when you look good, you feel better, which is contagious to everyone around you. 

From the beach clubs of Bali, to dive bars in the Caribbean, to your honeymoon in Santorini and summer weekends in The Hamptons, Kenny Flowers has you covered with upscale, versatile essentials that will stand out at the beach, the five-star resort, the rooftop bar, or your buddy’s backyard BBQ.

Do Good, Look Good, Feel Good

We know that with great shirts comes great responsibility. By choosing to buy from Kenny Flowers, you’re fueling a small, family business that gives back every step of the way. Through our partnership with CEO4Teens, an education foundation started by Kenny, we have sent more than 150 students to college in Bali, and sponsored GED’s for 100+ underprivileged Americans since 2015. And we’re just getting started. We’re committed to running a genuine business, leading with our heart, because we feel at our best when we’re doing good and helping others along the way.


Kenny & The Team