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The Kenny Flowers Response to COVID-19

The Kenny Flowers Response to COVID-19

We always said summer is a state of mind, now we’re proving it - with a lot of help from you guys.

We’re all going through tough times, postponed trips, and a lot of bottles of wine - don’t worry, we’re right there with you. From our couch in San Diego, to your sofa, we wanted to check in while we’re hunkered down and provide a quick update from Kenny Flowers in the midst of this not-so-cool crisis. 

What’s going on at KF HQ:

  • We’ve always been a small, remote company, so it’s largely business-as-usual for us - we’re continuing to work remotely at the same pace to serve you day-in and day-out. Ask us any questions, we’re here 
  • Shipping times have not been affected and our warehouse is doing an incredible job at keeping everything running smoothly and safely
  • Our beloved factory in Bali is still cruisin’ along to make sure you have the best ‘fits to break out when you’re allowed to leave the casa. Or heck, the best fits to bring a little energy to your WFH setup. They’ve also swiftly and amazingly transitioned into making non-medical lifestyle masks for our customers, our fight in America, and to donate around Bali
  • We were able to get our factory in Colombia a generous advance payment (thanks to you guys, and the success of our early Spring), so that all 30 employees and their families were well taken care of despite not being able to get to work as they went into a government-mandated shelter-in-place. You can see the heart-warming note from them below
  • New, exciting product launches are still comin’ in hotter than ever and we cannot wait to share them with you in the coming weeks. The next vacations we go on, whenever those are, will just hit different 


The Whatsapp message we received from our Colombian swimwear factory when they were ordered to shutdown for a month.

What we’re doing to directly help COVID-19 relief efforts for our community and beyond:

  1. Making non-medical lifestyle masks for you guys to protect yourselves in style and in compliance with the new CDC recommendation
  2. Donating KF masks throughout Bali to help the locals on our favorite island protect themselves as well (more than 12,000 and counting, thanks to your continued purchasing!)
  3. Donating proceeds to Direct Relief - a non-profit delivering medical-grade masks – along with exam gloves, isolation gowns, and other protective gear to healthcare organizations across the USA (we were able to donate more than $10k to the cause in April!)
  4. Keeping our supply chain busy and employed with advance orders and payments
  5. Keeping the positive energy vibin’ at home with vacations-in-place and #ZoomBloom happy hours

A bloomin’ KF lifestyle mask that protects me and my community against coronavirus? Tell me more.

Just this week, we launched our new Kenny Flowers non-medical face masks, to help you guys follow the CDC guidelines in style when you need to step outside for essential reasons (note: these are not N-95 or surgical masks - those are currently reserved for healthcare workers and other first responders)

We’ve been hard at work with our factory turning leftover fabric from our spring/summer production and repurposing it into day-brightening, reusable, soft, high-quality non-medical masks you can wear to protect yourself, your loved ones and your community. Along with making sure you guys are covered at home, we’ll also be donating these same masks throughout Bali - to our supply chain, their families, their communities.

We made these fashion masks available for sale, and with every one you purchase this month, we will donate a mask to someone in need. Even if you don’t need one yourself, but you want to give and be a part of the #KFMaskMission, you can just donate masks here, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why are these non-medical masks important?

The CDC now recommends that all Americans wear cloth masks in public, amid concerns that the virus is being spread by infected people who show no symptoms. Until now, the CDC and WHO have said that people don’t need to wear masks unless they are sick, but part of the reason was to preserve medical-grade masks for health care workers who desperately need masks which are continuously in short supply. So, by wearing a non-medical lifestyle mask, you’re not only helping to protect your community and yourself, you’re ensuring frontline healthcare professionals have the medical-grade equipment they need.

By choosing to buy your new non-medical mask from Kenny Flowers, you’re buying a responsibly-made, comfortable, soft, effective mask from a small business while also donating masks to a developing country who needs them desperately right now. Together, we're making a BIG impact, and, let’s be honest, you’re looking great while doing it. 

How is Kenny Flowers making these masks?

We make our masks completely with scraps of the same fabric as the Kenny Flowers products you know and love that would otherwise go unused. We don’t use any elastic materials in order to simplify the resources necessary to create the masks, broadening the fit and adjustability, and avoiding stress/pull from elastic, creating a more comfortable, more fashionable mask for you.

Our lifestyle masks are either 100% cotton or 100% rayon, machine washable, and reusable.

The first few non-medical masks getting made in Bali.

Are these masks charitable? 

Yes. In April, we donated 100% of proceeds to Direct Relief - a non-profit delivering medical-grade protective gear to healthcare organizations across the USA. We exceeded all goals and expectations on this project and were able to donate more than $10,000 to the cause.

In May, we're focusing our charitable efforts on donating masks, so for every mask sold, we will donate a mask to someone in need in Bali. Thanks to support out of the gates, we'll be donating at least 12,000 masks!

How else can we support Kenny Flowers and your initiatives? 

Whether it’s following us on Instagram, liking us on Facebook, sharing what we’re up to with friends, signing up for our emails, or picking up a new shirt, swimsuit, cozy at-home kimono, or dog bandana, as a (very) small business, we appreciate your support more than ever in this more challenging time for all of us. It doesn’t go missed and will be what helps us all get to a better place over the years. 

We’ll continue to bring the island energy and focus on the positive we all need to get through times like these in comfort and style… no matter the distance that’s socially acceptable between us. 

Stay safe, stay sane and remember there’s a pina colada waiting for you on the other side. Maybe even in your kitchen if you have the works stocked up. 


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