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The 6 Best Kenny Flowers Shirts To Rock This Fall And Winter

The 6 Best Kenny Flowers Shirts To Rock This Fall And Winter

Hey, just because the leaves are falling doesn’t mean you can’t bloom. You can play by their seasonal rules, while still wearing your favorite prints this fall and winter. 

There are a bunch of Hawaiian shirts online, but not all of them are meant to be pulled off this time of year. Maybe a vibrant floral hawaiian shirt isn’t the call this weekend, but we’ve created a curated list of our seasonally-appropriate favorite Kenny Flowers shirts, so you can find the perfect mens tropical shirts to wear next weekend. 

Some are Fall/Winter new releases and others are made to be versatile and groove year-round. With over 50 upscale button down shirts online, ranging from vacation hawaiians, to summer linens and year-round options, let’s take a look at the Kenny Flowers shirts that are best suited for the crisp seasons.

Best Hawaiian Shirts to Rock This Fall And Winter

1. The Coconut Groove - Black


It’s a fact. You can never go wrong with a black hawaiian shirt covered in palm trees - especially this fall. Palm trees are known for always creating a relaxed, resort style atmosphere wherever they’re planted. Let a few hundred bloom on a good-fitting short sleeve button-down shirt and just like that, you’re making the world a better place - every brunch you booze at, afternoon party you attend, and every bar you shut down. 

Don’t be one of those guys that loses their mojo this time of year, when they realize they don’t actually like pumpkin-spice-lattes, or wearing scarves. Do you really want to put on yet another flannel or Patagonia vest? Do you really get excited putting on that same checkered buttondown that you’ve seen four different guys in your office wear this week? Go ahead and take this bad boy out of the closet instead and get that vacation feelin’ instantly. No matter what the weather report says. Nothing sets the tone like rocking a dark, exotic, subtle-but-epic black Hawaiian shirt to your next happy hour, Hinge date, or buddy’s birthday party.

Shop The Coconut Groove Shirt Now

2. The Purradise - Short Sleeve

Look no further, Kenny Flowers has the leopard print men’s shirt of your dreams. If you really want to be bold this fall and winter, there’s no better way than to button up The Purradise and let the cat-calls begin. With a modern-relaxed fit, and fabric softer than fur, this swanky animal print button-down is ideal for living your best nine lives, and bringing the energy to a party near you. The sunglass loop in the front pocket of this shirt is a fine detail, purrfect for storing your shades after the sun sets on your rooftop party and you just don’t want to go home before the night comes alive.

Shop The Purradise Shirt Now

The Wild (Cat) Card - The Purradise - Long Sleeve

Make the girls paws when you cat walk over the autumn leaves and through the snow. You can rock this one for all to see, or layer it with a vest or jacket to keep warm and look stylin’.

Shop The Boldest Shirt Of The Bunch Now

3. The Night Out 

What’s calm, cool, collected, and super swanky? Your new going out shirt. 

Bring the chill of the Bali jungle right into the eve with our signature shirt - The Night Out. Far from your Dad’s vacation shirt, this beauty is an all-time island classic print of ours and it can do you no wrong. Maybe you’re an aloha shirt aficionado. Maybe you’re a guy that describes his style as “minimalist” and doesn’t own a Hawaiian shirt to date. Either way, make sure you're ready for town when the sun goes down. Take this upscale tribal print shirt for a spin and see what you think. With a subtle, sophisticated yet funky tribal print, a modern, yet relaxed fit, and the buttery-soft fabric that Kenny Flowers is known for, you’re bound to have your best nights in this bad boy. If only this shirt could talk…

Shop The Night Out Shirt Now

* Available as a mens long sleeve shirt as well. *

Shop The Night Out Shirt in Long Sleeve

4. The Tropic Thunder - Long Sleeve

If you’re looking for long sleeve hawaiian shirts, we’ve got you covered with The Tropic Thunder. This button-down shirt is perfect for getting funky, while staying comfy. You might just feel like you’re partying in pajamas as you storm into the night. Which is great, because our long-sleeve shirts are cut in the most flattering shapes and fashionable styles, designed with a crisp end look in mind, so precisely no one knows you’re actually just sipping cocktails in pajama-level comfort at the neighborhood speakeasy. 

The Tropic Thunder already sold out once this fall and it probably will again soon. Don’t miss out this time around because we’re predicting this shirt will not only be a weekend go-to for you, but your designated New Year’s Eve going out shirt as well - whether you’re hustlin’ on a boat off the coast of Mexico or dancin’ disco at the club.

Shop The Tropic Thunder Shirt Now 

5. The Waka Flockers - Slim

There’s never a bad time of year for a clean, all-over flamingo print, and the surfing flamingoes on this hawaiian shirt are ready to ride every weekend wave that comes their way. As the weather rolls in, and you start to layer up, the deep navy base of this button-down shirt allows you to match it up with just about everything, from blazers to vests, or as a smart tropical pop under your fall sweater. There’s no denying that rocking these flamingoes this fall will brighten up your look and everyone around you. 

While most of our men’s tropical shirts come in one ‘regulaxed’ fit, our signature flamingo-printed hawaiian shirt comes in two styles. First up, you have our slim fit option, which utilizes an extremely nice island cotton we source in Bali and is ideal for those wanting a shirt that has more of a city-structured look. But if you prefer a regular, more relaxed fit, we have you covered with The Waka Flockers - Regular shirt. Whichever fit you go with, the flamingoes won’t be the only ones having a good time in this shirt.

Shop The Waka Flockers Shirt Now

6. The Any Timer 


Your future son will thank you when he pulls out this future-classic 2019 Hawaiian shirt. This hand-printed navy design is available as a long-sleeve button down, or as a short-sleeve stunner for these next few months only before it retires forever. 

If this year was one worth remembering for you, this shirt is here to help you make it even better and remember it in 10, 20, 30, 50 years. Maybe you got married this year, or just had a son in 2019 and you want to put it away to gift it to him when he heads off to college one day.  Maybe you just want to look fresh this fall, and in that case, it pairs nicely with dark jeans, or any colored chinos you have in your wardrobe. Throw a vest over it or let this subtle, yet funky print do the talking all on its own.  

Close out 2019 in style and make sure it’s your best 365 yet.

Shop The Any Timer 2019 Shirt Now

It’s hard choosing favorites

We have other fall-appropriate tropical shirts as well that we know wear well for other occasions - tailgates, fall football parties, weekend escapes or even Thanksgiving dinners. Whatever your favorite team’s colors, there’s a Hawaiian for you:

  1. The Island Diamonds - Jungle
  2. The Song Saa
  3. The Baja Blue 
  4. The Bonfuego 

We also have some cool Hawaiian shirts for those planning their fall and winter getaways to the Caribbean. Whether you want a casual button-down shirt for this weekend, or a floral Hawaiian shirt for the trip, we’ve got you covered. 

We have 50+ Hawaiian shirts online to choose from. There’s bound to be one for your next adventure. 

With all this said, we’re not a brand that sticks to the norms, nor the seasons. So go ham.

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