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The Best Hawaiian Shirt Review We’ve Ever Received.

The Best Hawaiian Shirt Review We’ve Ever Received.

As a small, bloomin’ business, we love and cherish every customer review we get. But wtf, Pete. You made our day with this one. Too good not to share, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Here’s to Pete and all the other sailors docking their ships in the KF Hawaiian shirt harbor.

A boost of summertime to quell these deep winter Midwest blues.

As a hardened Hawaiian shirt enthusiast, I'm always on the lookout for the next and newest addition to my breezy, billowing, and bombastic collection. I'm not a big guy by any means (I'm comin' in hot at 5'10" on the kitchen wall, 170 on the bathroom scale), so far too often I'm literally swimming in silks and rayons, wearing shirts with sleeves my dad would be envious of.

Enter the Kenny Flowers.

When I started on my journey into the wild and omni-relaxed world of KF, I opted for a proper triple threat: The Moon Shine, The Tropical Chancer, and The Wailea - Regular.

best hawaiian shirts by kenny flowers

Once I received my package in the mail, I was greeted with a sleek and mysterious package that proclaimed the "Good Times Have Arrived". I could feel deep in my bones that something truly amazing was about to happen. My interest was properly peaked and I knew I was in for not just 1, but 3 special treats.

Failure wasn't even a word.

Disappointment wasn't even a possibility.

One after the other, shirt after shirt, I knew I had found the next biggest thing in my world. The subtle breeze of the rayon, the coconuttons that went ahead and ordered me my first Mai Tai of the night, the strategically placed back collar-button to help keep me as crisp as a conch fritter, the sunglasses loop to keep my frames free from the clutches of gravity, and the bold pop of colors that said "Pete, old buddy old pal, it may be late-January in Chicago, but every time you slip us on, you've officially moved to The Keys".

I can't preach the gospel of Kenny Flowers enough! There's no awesome-meter in existence that could properly handle the sheer volume of how great and special these shirts are, or how stoked I am about my Kenny Flowers mini-collection.

I've been on a lifelong search for the perfect tiki shirt, with lots of trials and errors along the way.

But, we don't give up on the things we love.

Thanks to the hard work and greatness of everyone behind the Kenny Flowers team, I can dock my ship in the harbor of KF Hawaiian Shirts, hit the hammock for a proper staycation, peel some shrimps, crack open a fresh bottle of spiced rum, and know full well that my doubloons are being properly invested.

Huzzah! 3 Cheers! And a hearty Aye Aye! ’Tis be true!

– Pete W., Chicago

Head on over to the KF Hawaiian shirt harbor today and let us know how you feel once you throw them on.

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