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Staying Cool and Stylish: The Ultimate Guide to Mens Linen Shirts

Staying Cool and Stylish: The Ultimate Guide to Mens Linen Shirts

Whether you need a few staple pieces to take with you on your next trip, or you are looking for the best linen shirts for men to add to your closet - you are in the right place. Our range of long sleeve and short sleeve mens button down linen shirts will be the best new addition to your closet.

mens white linen button down short sleeve shirt

The Casa Blanca - Short Sleeve White Linen Shirt 

If you do not have a white linen shirt in your closet, let this be your sign to get one. Our Casa Blanca mens linen shirt is crisp, timeless, and essential for every vacation and perfect for any occasion. 100% linen and a 100% necessity.

mens white linen long sleeve button down shirt

The Casa Blanca - Long Sleeve White Linen Shirt 

No need to stop the party above the elbows, a linen long sleeve shirt is just as essential to have in your closet. It can even be worn under a suit jacket for a more formal look or keep it casual with a pair of swim trunks or resort shorts

mens pink linen long sleeve button down shirt

The Rose Blusher - Long Sleeve Pink Linen Shirt 

This pink colored linen button down shirt pairs perfectly with a fresh glass of rose on a sunny day. Breathable fabric so that you can enjoy even the hottest days this summer while still looking as cool as your glass. (also available in short sleeve)

mens fontelina white linen long sleeve button down shirt

The Fontelina - Long Sleeve Linen Shirt

When life gives you lemons, you elevate them. This 100% superior quality Italian linen mens shirt is perfect for your next trip to the Amalfi coast or to become the shirt you put on to transport you to that state of mind. 

mens blue linen button down long sleeve shirt

The Ice Breaker - Long Sleeve Blue Linen Shirt 

This mens blue linen shirt is cooler than a margarita on the rocks and will easily become a linen button down shirt you reach for in your closet. You cannot go wrong with this staple piece. (also available in short sleeve)

mens white linen button down long sleeve tropical cuff sleeve

The Riviera Rollup - Long Sleeve White Linen Shirt

We like a little spice in our linens just like we like it in our margaritas. The Riviera Rollup is the perfect blend of a classic white linen button down shirt that will make a statement when you roll your sleeves up. 

mens long sleeve button down blue and white linen shirt

The Espana - Long Sleeve Linen Shirt 

Pack this festive and fun, blue and white long sleeve linen shirt on your next trip. Turn the Monday blues into a happy time when you take your PTO on Monday for a trip to Spain in this shirt. 

mens pink long sleeve button down linen shirt

What Makes Our Linen Shirts So Special?

"Our mens linen shirts are ethically made and hand cut in Bali with a soft, flowy, and breathable fabric you will never want to take off. In the inside pocket you will find The Sunglass Loop, an original touch by us, for you to conveniently hold your shades in place after hours. Our high quality buttons made from coconuts will have you feeling island fresh at all times. The details in our shirts make them unique and special." - Kenny (Owner + Founder, Kenny Flowers Chief Piña Colada Officer)

A linen shirt is perfect with a pair of swim trunks at the beach, or a nice pant for dinner at the resort. No matter where you are heading, what you are planning, make sure you have a Kenny Flowers linen shirt packed and ready!


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