Behind the Brand Part 2: Blooming in Bali

Behind the Brand Part 2: Blooming in Bali

Watch Part 2 of our 'Behind The Brand' Series Here



In the second installment of our 'Behind The Brand' series, we’re transporting you back to Bali - so you can hang with Kenny and Christina, and see what it's like living in the tropics and working with island artists to make your resortwear.

Part 2 is a story of shared visions collaborating to build an ethical brand. It’s a story of finding deep appreciation of an island, its people, and its culture. It’s a story of skilled artisans handcrafting fine pieces of wearable art that are enjoyed around the world every day, by you.

Here, you will get an inside look at:

  • how the shirts and dresses are made in Bali, by artists, using the softest, highest quality fabrics
  • how Christina - as the head of womens at Kenny Flowers, luxury travel blogger @jetsetchristina and Kenny’s wife - brought a lady’s touch to the brand 
  • how Christina and Kenny continue to build the Kenny Flowers business with high standards and a positive impact on the world
  • what it’s like working from Bali and designing resort wear with local artists and craftsmen

Oh, and it's a love story too. Wondering how Kenny & Christina met? Well, you’re about to hear all the details. And it’s nothing short of a tropical fairytale.

Enjoy Part 2!




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