Small Business Saturday

In 2015, Kenny Flowers sounded like the type of business idea you'd come up with drinking beers with buddies on a sunset cruise. And that's exactly what it was.
Statistically, the odds were against KF ever even becoming a small business. But I didn’t pay attention to the odds; I had stars in my eyes, a little liquid courage and dreams of a bloomin’ future for all. 

My childhood bedroom became the warehouse.
My mom shipped out every shirt *manually* for years. My dad ran orders down to the post office. My little brother interned. My dear sister kept the “operation” organized.
For years, we worked day in and day out to become the Kenny Flowers brand you know and love. Top customers joined the team. My now-wife Christina took things to new levels for the ladies.
And I’m so thankful everyone on our team worked as hard as we did every step of the way, one step at a time, so we could bring you the best in modern resortwear today and every day.
But you know what? We’d be nowhere without you. You are our WHY. You’re the biggest, most important part of our story and we love being part of your special moments because you’ve been a part of ours from day one. Nothing makes my day more than being on vacation, and running into you. 
Small Business Saturday isn’t a day, it's not a marketing tactic. It’s our way of life and a chance to support the startups, the underdogs, the mom n’ pops, and growing businesses in your area and across the country. We want to ask you to join us in celebrating Small Business Saturday by shopping small and shopping local — today and everyday.
I love you guys,
Kenny (signature)

Kenny Flowers