Kenny Flowers
Estuary Brewery


Kenny Flowers has teamed up with Estuary Beans & Barley in Charleston on a unique collab for the summertime, bringing our island hoppin’ energy to their coastal craft brewery.

The Hawaiinot beer itself is made with classic German yeast for upfront notes of banana and clove. This drinkable ale is great for lager or wheat beer drinkers, whether you’re at the beach, out at the bar, or in your backyard. Coming in 16oz cans because we all could use a little extra vacation kick. this summer.

Where can I find it?

You can find The Hawaiinot beers buzzin' across the Carolinas and Florida. Check out a starter list of locations below

– Estuary Beans & Barley Johns Island, SC
Many more coming soon...

Underway & Coming May 2022

The Hawaiinot Shirt Collab

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