What's a Cabana Set?

What's a Cabana Set?

Why Cabana Sets are the Most Extra Outfit You Never Knew You Needed

The history & future of the Cabana Set by Kenny Flowers

Have you ever wanted to show up to a pool party, bachelor party, day at the beach, or your honeymoon, in an outfit that stands out from the pack in the most extra way possible? Enter your vacation’s new best friend: The Cabana Set

A little history on the Cabana Set…

Cabana sets were swim trunks sold in the mad-men era with matching shirts or jackets, so you could swim comfortably and then relax in style.

Popular tropical themed, striped or printed button-down shirts gave men of the time an opportunity to leave their boring grey flannel suits at the office and enjoy life with a lot more color at the beach.

These separates styled as one look began to take the world by storm, and with fashion of the 60’s moving into bright mod solids and psychedelic prints, ladies swimwear began to match with men’s cabana sets in a colorful, chic, retro his-and-hers swim combo that would make their grandchildren jealous one day. 

Cue Kenny Flowers Cabana Sets

One of those grandchildren was our very own Kenny Flowers. Kenny thought of the idea of making matching swim trunks and button-downs when he saw an old picture of his grandfather rocking a classy matching set, followed by his Nana stating that “Cabana sets were all the rage in the 1960’s - I always thought they were ‘a little bit much.’" A few drinks later, that’s all the reassurance Kenny needed. A ‘little bit much’ in his Nana’s books, meant that it was perfect for KF. 


And so Kenny began creating vintage sets of separates inspired by the retro 1960’s pool parties and Miami beach days that Kenny’s grandparents used to take on in Florida. 

Our take on the cabana set

In the past, cabana sets were made from the same material for swim trunks and the shirt, but we wanted to create Kenny Flowers cabana sets with more flexibility, fit, and form to suit any situation. 

So we make our mid-length swim trunks from our unique performance swim fabrics, and our Hawaiian shirts from the island-soft rayon we source in Bali. We want you to be able to wear just the swim trunks or just the shirt in its best form, or go full send and pair them together.


When is it acceptable to wear a cabana set?

  • Pool party days when you want to stand out from the crowd
  • Resort days for fun (and maybe an epic instagram)
  • Private gatherings when you want to be just a little more absurd 
  • Any time you like one of our designs so much you have to wear it twice at the same time

Here are a few of our favorite KF cabana sets to rock

The Fronds with Benefits Shirt and The Fronds With Benefits Swim Trunks, paired poolside in South Florida

The Baja Blue Shirt and The Blues Cruise Swim Trunks, rocked discreetly in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Flower Hour Shirt and The Flower Move Swim Trunks, worn all day on vacation by NFL star Coty Sensabaugh. 

Whether you're headed on vacation or a buddy's bachelor party, we welcome, and encourage you, to turn eyes with one of our fresh cabana sets, or take things one step at a time with just a pair of swim trunks or a modern aloha shirt.

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