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What to Wear in Napa as a Guy

What to Wear in Napa as a Guy

So you’ve finally booked that trip to Napa Valley - great call.

Whether you’re about to embark on a glorious honeymoon, a group vacation with the whole squad, or trying to sneak in a few wineries during your best friend’s wedding weekend: we know you have all of the stops planned out thanks to our helpful guide for where to go wine tasting in Napa.
It’s going to be an epic trip, now it’s time to make sure you’re looking your best at all times. Here are some tips on what to wear to Napa - Kenny Flowers style:

What to wear to the wine tasting at the vineyard

what to wear in napa as a guy to a winery. Long sleeve mens beige button up shirt.
Most vineyards don’t have a set dress code, but rather than worrying about what to wear we know you’d rather be focusing on how to sound sophisticated in the tasting room, noting the subtleties of the robust pinot noir or the fruity notes of the sauvignon blanc. Keep it light and classic with a short sleeve button down shirt, and we’ve got just the one for you: The Taste Maker. Available in short sleeve, long sleeves, and slim fit, this solid beige linen-blend shirt pairs perfectly with a pair of slacks and will have you looking the part of the wine aficionado - even if your favorite wines come from boxes. Cap off the look with any of our dad hats made for wine lovers.

Poolside versatility is key

what to wear in Napa as a guy by the pool. Blue printed swim trunks

No trip to the Napa Valley is complete without some rest and relaxation by the pool - because even the most serious wine connoisseurs might need a break from the cabernet with a tropical drink or two. The best swim trunks for men make a statement and look best when paired with a crisp, classic shirt to help you transition from the cabana to the lunch bar. Our Poolside Pours men’s lined swim trunks feature a bold, Napa-inspired print with our signature stretchy and quick-drying fabric. Pair ‘em with our best-selling Casa Blanca linen shirt for a versatile, vintage look around the resort.

An outfit for the “wine and dine” dinner in Napa

what to wear in Napa as a guy to an upscale dinner. Wine and dine in a mens long sleeve white shirt with wine corks
The Napa Valley has world class dining with something for every palate. If you’re like us and most of your wardrobe consists of Hawaiian shirts, we’ve got just the shirt for your dinner reservation. Our Wine and Dine long sleeve button down shirt is casual enough for happy hour with dark jeans, or dress it up by throwing on a blazer.

A wedding outfit for almost any dress code

What to wear to Napa as a guy for a wedding. Long sleeve or short sleeve mens button down beige shirt.
Your best friend is tying the knot, but maybe you’re struggling with their confusing dress code (does anyone know what dressy casual chic actually means?). No one wants to be the undressed guy at the wedding, so stick with that solid navy suit with our Taste Maker button down shirt. The linen blend will keep you cool at the sunset ceremony all the way through when things get “a little bit louder now” on the dance floor. Go with the long sleeve shirt for the classic look, or the short sleeve button down for an epic reveal when the jacket comes off.
Now that your suitcase is all packed, why not lend a hand to any ladies packing for the trip. Check out our post on what she actually needs to pack for the trip to Napa: from flowy sundresses to bikinis.
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