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The Official Kenny Flowers Holiday Gift Guide, For Everyone In Your Life

The Official Kenny Flowers Holiday Gift Guide, For Everyone In Your Life

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and the most wonderful time for a beer. We’re here to help make it a success - from designing Christmas-themed Hawaiian shirts, to helping you decide what to wear to Santacon or your office's holiday party.

It’s easy taking end of year vacations, having too much fun at the holiday parties, but it ain’t easy finding the perfect gift for the main people in your life. 

What do you gift your fiance’s dad? Your boss? Your bridesmaids? Your wine-loving mother-in-law? Your golf-loving nephew? Let alone your significant other you already give the world to?

Whoever you need to buy gifts for, we’re here to help with a full range of Christmas Hawaiian shirts, matching swimwear for couples headed on vacation, long sleeve button downs for the swanky nights out and matching sarong wraps for all the girls.

And if, after checking out our holiday gift guide, you’re still on the fence, Kenny’s down to be your personal concierge for gifting this year. You can contact him here: and he’ll help you pick out the perfect gift. 

Watch out, Santa. Our fresh new gift guide is here to help you take over as the gift-giving legend of 2023. 

1. For the bride & groom going on a honeymoon - MATCHING SWIMSUITS 

Prediction: Happy honeymooning couples are taking on exotic destinations in full force in 2024 - with matching swimwear that turns any backdrop into the Maldives. We’ve got tons of ways to show you two are together - be it through his and hers matching swimwear or a date night dress + hawaiian shirt combo that screams #honeymoongoals. 

Shop His & Hers

 2. For your Holiday Party - The Pine Time Long Sleeve

Fresh. Effortless. Festive. This long sleeve pine-tree-printed shirt is perfect for holiday parties, winter adventures, and staying up late with a top-shelf whiskey in hand. Button up this bad boy any day or night of the week, it's always Pine Time.

Shop The Pine Time

3. For The Cool Dad - The Moon Shine 

This ain’t your dad’s Hawaiian shirt. If your Dad isn’t onboard with KF yet, there’s no better time to show him the ways of an incredibly comfortable, modern fitting aloha shirt. Show him what’s possible, and that printed shirts don’t have to be huge, baggy, and unfashionable. Reality is, Dad can rock any of our shirts, but we see him starting off with this cool-kid-approved black and white hawaiian shirt.  

Shop Shirts For Dad

4. For The Whole Family - The Breezy Tropics

Matching pajamas are cool and all but mix things up this year by getting your fam matching outfits they’ll rock to Christmas eve dinner, Christmas morning by the fireplace, or on vacation the whole next week. The Breezy Tropics, this is the perfect holiday print for the whole family to have. Brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, sister’s boyfriend trying to marry in, etc. They're selling fast though.

Shop Matching Family Outfits

5. For The Younger Sister - The Bahamas Puff Sleeve Mini Dress

This is a lei-up, get your sister a mini dress like this one, with puff sleeves, fresh tropical cutouts, and she’ll find herself rockin’ it on the NYE vacation. Our favorite for her is The Bahamas - Puff Sleeve Mini Dress.

Shop Dresses

6. For the Forever Jimmy Buffett fan - The Parrots of the Caribbean 

You never see this guy over the summer and his email OOO claims he’s in margaritaville. If you catch him over Christmas, before his trip to Key West, gift him this parrothead-ready Hawaiian shirt and he’ll be well-dressed for his next cheeseburger in paradise.


7. For the girl always on the go - The Mykonos Woven Textured Bikini

We all have that one friend who is always traveling, and if she is not, she's planning her next trip. Gift her with a staple swim suit that will be wearable for any destination. The black woven textured underwire top and sporty bottom will put her in vacation mindset, and who knows... maybe she will invite you on the next trip! 

Shop The Mykonos Woven Bikini

8. For the guy that’s counting down to summer in Nantucket - Nauti by Nature swim trunks. 

navy striped mens swim trunks kenny flowers

It’s a short season up there, but when it’s on, it’s on. We have the nautiest stripes in the game to make sure he’s at his strongest in the swim trunks department. Team it up with The Casa Blanca Linen and this straw Panama Hat, and no one will mistake what country you come from. 

Shop The Nauti by Nature swim trunks

9. For the guy who's working remote - The Bali Hai Short Sleeve Tropical Silk 

Mens short sleeve bali silk button down

Whether he is working in his home office and dreaming of Bali, or working in Bali and living the dream, The Bali Hai tropical silk shirt is ideal for both scenarios. This button up will be professional for zoom meetings, and still ready to catch a good happy hour at the end of the work day. 

Shop Island Shirts


The perfect all white one piece to gift the bride-to-be this holiday season. She will be wearing this suit from the bachelorette party to the honeymoon, and thanking you for making those moments extra special! 

Shop White One-Pieces

11. For the festival goer - The Island Cat

snow leopard hawaiian shirt for music festivals island cat

Music festivals are back, and our snow leopard hawaiian shirt is ready for the occasion. The Island Cat is patiently waiting, and fully poised for a fierce fiesta or few. It's our job to introduce party shirts for the (r)ages and there's something for everyone. 

Shop Next Level Designs

12. For the 2023 Baby Bloomer - The Parrots of the Caribbean Boys Hawaiian Shirt 

We had to create Kiddy Flowers because we know your kids are ready to join the party too. It is never too early to start blooming which is why we made our swim and resort wear for as young as 0-3 months so they can start rocking KF from day 1. Gift the kiddo with their first and new favorite vacation outfit that they will be super excited to put on time and time again. We have something for mom, dad, brother and sister to make it a family affair and have the whole crew looking fresh on vacation with matching family swim and outfits

Shop Kiddy Flowers

13. For the hard-to-gift mom - The Maui Long Kimono

I swear, moms are always the hardest to gift for of the bunch. Well, we know she likes Flowers. A comfortable kimono gifted by her favorite kid is sure to hit home in the right way. Especially the fun and vibrant Maui Long Kimono. Kenny’s mom loves rocking kimonos around the house, on girls trips and family vacations alike. Let yours in on the fun.

Shop Kimonos For Mom

14. For Your Boss - The Bossitano Shirt

You’re probably giving this gift a little before Xmas so give him/her something they can rock during the holiday season. This lemon print button down is the ultimate gift to give the boss that's still telling you about his memorable trip to Italy this summer. The Bossitano will make a lasting impression, which is what you want before bonuses are handed out right?

Shop Hawaiian Shirt Made for A Boss

15. For the wine lover - The Green Napa Shirt 

Get the wine lover in your life something more than a bottle of wine this holiday. This olive green short sleeve will be the first thing they pack for their next trip to Napa and cheers to you for the most fitting gift! 

Shop Wine Lovers Favorites

16. For your best friend - Reader’s Choice 

“I’ll have what he’s wearing.” Get him the shirt you love the most and match next time you two go out. It sounds absurd, but in a good way.

Shop The Shirts

17. For the guy surfing Christmas morning - The Colado Short Sleeve Shirt Kenny Flowers x Malibu Collab

Hang 10 and then hang with the locals after the morning set. Pair this vibrant piña colada aloha shirt with the frozen concoction itself, or the beach bar house lager.

Surf The Shirts

18. For the country club queen - The Maui Set


The perfect look for golf, tennis, or any other recreational activity she may be in to. The Maui Sleeveless Golf Polo is a stylish and modern fitting top, and has a high quality, UPF50+ pleated skort to match! Who doesn't love a good matching set?

Shop Womens Golf Sets

19. For the party animal brother - The Drippin' Dots

It’s a fierce look that brings all the summer energy appropriately into winter so the party animal brother never skips a beat. Whatever the weather brings, he’ll be ready for it. Winter blizzards, family vacations, nothing this long sleeve black and white polka dot shirt isn’t ready for. 

Shop The Drippin' Dots

20. For all your girlfriends - MATCHING SARONG WRAPS 

bachelorette party gifts mini sarong wraps kenny flowers

Lightweight and affordable, these mini beach sarong wraps make the perfect gift for any and all of your girlfriends. You can go floral & beachy with the new Pedregal Midi Sarong, chic with The Hot Mesh - Black & White, or classic with a Pina Party

Shop Bachelorette Party Sarongs For The Girls

21. For the jewish brother going on birthright - THE CHALLAH DAYS

jewish hawaiian shirt for hanukkah gift birthright

8 lazy nights or 8 crazy nights? Your call. He’s already going to want to rock this holiday-themed hawaiian shirt every night of Hanukkah, but this shirt goes beyond the December bender. He’s going to be the best dressed guy in Israel, or just out in New York City. We sold out on our site but you can buy from our partner site through these links.

Shop The Hanukkah Hawaiian

... And that’s a “wrap.”

Shop the Kenny Flowers holiday collection today and enjoy our site wide discounts available this season.

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