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Kenny Flowers Women's Tropical Swimwear

The Best Bikini Review We’ve Ever Received

The tropical skies and the ocean angels sang when this bikini was put on.

We’ve gotten some great reviews on our women's swimwear over the years… and they’re all music to our ears. We can't describe the feeling of putting on Kenny Flowers, but this customer review specifically speaks volumes the poolside DJ won’t even hit:

The Beverly Hills 

The Beverly Hills - Women's Luxury Swimwear



When I was a kid, I had two favorite bikinis to wear... one was a tropical turquoise and brown pattern. The other was the same except it was pink and green. Recently, I'd really been wanting to find a swimsuit like those with the pretty patterns and color combinations that looked so good on me back then. I searched high and low, but no matter where I looked everything was the same "trendy" style. And when I found a style I liked, I hated the pattern (and vice versa).

THE SKIES PARTED AND THE ANGELS SANG when I found Kenny Flowers!! I love the flexibility of being able to choose the best style and fit for my figure from any of the patterns I love. It's more than I have ever spent on swimwear, but I would rather save up for something I adore, that is good quality, and I'll probably have forever, than waste money on something I don't completely love (and isn't anywhere close in quality) simply because it's cheaper. NO MORE Target bikinis for me!!!

The Kenny Flowers bikini fit is perfect! The sarong is so versatile (I seriously found like 5 other ways to wear it). The pattern is exactly what I was looking for but couldn't find anywhere else. And the quality stands out in a classy, elegant, and FUN way. And the fact that they use watercolor to create their patterns and designs is very special to me. My grandmother modeled for Lily Pulitzer and they too use watercolor. My great grandfather was a famous Spanish watercolor painter. For me, when I wear that bikini it's like I'm honoring our family's love of art, beauty, elegance, and fun in the sun. Sometimes a bikini is just a bikini. Other times, it's a representation of your personality. Haha, I guess I wear my heart on my swimwear rather than on my sleeve.

Kenny Flowers has a number 1 fan in me! I don't think I'll shop for swimwear anywhere else. Thank you guys for a wonderful experience! You should be very proud. You all have made beautiful works of art that bring out the beauty in others.

– Lauren D.

Temps are hitting all-time highs, resorts are back in action, and travel destinations are in full swing. What are you waiting for? Snag the Kenny Flowers bikini you’ve been eyeing today and join the rest in your vacation best. 




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