Behind the Brand Part 3: Giving Back in Bali

Behind the Brand Part 3: Giving Back in Bali

With great shirts, come great responsibilities.

In the third installment of our Kenny Flowers 'Behind The Brand' documentary series, we show you how we give back to the community we do business in through our ongoing partnership with the program CEO4Teens, which has helped us send over 150 driven, yet financially-disadvantaged teenagers to college in Ubud, Bali. 

CEO4Teens, short for Creating Educational Opportunities for Teenagers, is a nonprofit organization Kenny started years ago and was an initial reason why he had such a gravitation to Bali and a dream to do more to continue to give back, create reliable work and help the community as he started and grew his business.

In this magical episode, we hope you enjoy meeting the students of this year's class and the community Kenny Flowers now helps each and every day. 

Kenny Flowers is committed to running a genuine business, leading with our hearts and doing what we can to help others along the way. Every purchase you make, helps us create educational opportunities for those in need. It allows financially-disadvantaged teenagers to continue their education, achieve their dreams and alleviate their families from poverty.



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