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Behind The Brand Part 1: Intro to Bali

Behind The Brand Part 1: Intro to Bali

How things came to be on an island we call home. 

It all started with a Hawaiian shirt passed from father to son, that flourished into a dream to create something lasting - something more than a shirt. Today, Kenny Flowers works with skilled artisans, passionate jetsetters, and design geniuses around the world to bring you the KF you love to live it up in.

But have you ever wondered exactly what goes on behind the scenes? Who makes your shirts? How these button downs are put together? Why we send you Bali postcards with your order? Answers are here. We’re excited to present 'Behind The Brand' — a documentary series devoted to the people who bring Kenny Flowers to life. 

Enjoy Part 1, where we give you a never-before-seen insider look at our beautiful setup in Bali, Indonesia - the place where the magic happens. Get to know the craftspeople who make your favorite leisure shirts and beach coverups, and see firsthand what it’s like to be part of the KF family.


6 comments on Behind The Brand Part 1: Intro to Bali
  • Susan Morris
    Susan MorrisJune 30, 2022

    Great story! Can’t wait to receive my item’s. Always like to hear the background to a company.

  • Kenny Crocker
    Kenny CrockerJune 30, 2022

    Greetings Kenny Flowers ! I’ve been searching for flashy comfortable swim trunks , I ordered Mr Hawaii and Nauti the description sounds great looking forward to wearing them on my Mediterranean Cruise

  • Marianne Houston
    Marianne HoustonJune 30, 2022

    Great video. Very interesting. Looking forward to the next one.

  • Robin Colletti
    Robin CollettiDecember 15, 2021

    The word amazing comes to mind after watching part one of your story. I am very happy to be a tiny part of your beginning, I wish all of you much success and prosperity!

  • Scott Duval
    Scott DuvalAugust 11, 2021

    So glad to see your production. Small scale adds to the value. I am glad to have found your shirts.

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