Position: Part Time / Full Time
Location: Remote

Kenny Flowers is looking for an entertaining and experienced copywriter to join our small, driven team. As a growing D2C business, our goal is to get the attention of future customers and to keep things fresh for our current customers across multiple platforms as we continue blooming and scaling into a leading lifestyle brand.

We are looking for a talented and motivated copywriter to work closely with the Kenny Flowers marketing crew and help us get our customers to a beach with a pina colada in hand every day.

As the lead copywriter, you will work closely with Kenny, the marketing team,
contractors and external agencies to deliver engaging written content that appeals to our audience, tells the story of our brand and strengthens brand loyalty over time.

You should be extremely creative, dedicated, and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills.
We want this to be the coolest job you’ve ever had, and the beginning of an awesome new future with Kenny Flowers.

We want this to be the coolest job you’ve ever had, and the beginning of an awesome new future with Kenny Flowers.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Act as lead copywriter editing key materials in an effort to maintain a consistent Kenny Flowers “voice” across multiple platforms and take our customers where they want to be.
  2. Uncovering, capturing and building written storytelling assets.
  3. Overseeing and designing entertaining and consistent messaging across all channels as the “voice” of Kenny Flowers.
  4. Produce compelling written and visual stories for Kenny Flowers across all digital media channels including email, SMS, social media, our website and blog.
  5. Writing clear and error-free content that reflects Kenny Flowers’ brand voice and corresponding platform - ranging from social media captions to emails, ads, texts, etc.
  6. Collaborating with PR and marketing departments to strengthen Kenny Flowers’ content marketing strategy.
  7. Play a key role in evolving the stories that we tell and how we share them with our key audiences, as well as advising the marketing team and any relevant partners on how to develop and share more compelling content.
  8. Shape our editorial approach across all channels, including leveraging data and analytics to drive better content.
  9. Interpreting creative direction and technical information and bringing them to life through persuasive copy concepts.
  10. Develop and implement new and creative ideas to engage Kenny Flowers target audience online.


You are a high-energy, creative, organized, incredibly detail-oriented, self-motivated, responsible, hard worker and a clear communicator.

  1. Bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in the areas of communication, marketing, creative writing or related field.
  2. Passion for storytelling and a keen sense of newsworthiness (what makes a story interesting from the audience’s perspective). You are creative, can write copy and pay close attention to detail to cacth typos like this.
  3. Understanding of story fundamentals (effective character, trajectory, hook, authenticity/details and calls-to-action).
  4. Deep understanding of how to communicate to different audiences, with experience planning content, editing copy and managing timelines.
  5. Knowledge and experience of digital storytelling, social media platforms and how to amplify content across multiple mediums.
  6. Experience using data to guide editorial content strategy; ability to interpret data and share insights in a meaningful way.
  7. Familiarity with SEO-driven keyword research for online content strategy.
  8. Ability to handle multiple projects, prioritize, and work well under tight deadlines.
  9. Great communication and organization skills, strong multitasking ability, detail-oriented and flexible.
  10. Able to take direction but operate with minimal supervision and thrive in an environment working independently in a constantly-evolving atmosphere. Preferably have prior experience working remote with teammates in multiple time zones.
  11. Desire to contribute to an awesome company and product. Motivated to get Kenny Flowers to the next level.
  12. Wholeheartedly embody the lifestyle that Kenny Flowers aims to bring out in others.
  13. Positive attitude, hunger to learn and have fun.
  14. Experience with Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, etc.) or Microsoft Word/Excel. Having experience with Shopify, and Slack is a plus (no worries if not!)
  15. Experience rocking Kenny Flowers in multiple scenarios.

    Who you’ll work with:

    1. Our founder Kenny Haisfield and our Head of Women’s, Christina Vidal.
    2. The marketing team to execute creative campaigns across email, SMS, social media and the Kenny Flowers website.

    Apply Now

    To apply please email with subject line: Creative Copywriter - YOUR NAME.
    Please include your resume, your social media handles, and a cover letter.