Brand Storyteller, BTS Documenter, Content Creator

Position: Part to Full-Time
Location: Remote

Kenny Flowers is looking for a Brand Storyteller to join our small, driven team. As a growing e-commerce business, our goal is to keep bringing unique creative assets to our audience and capture more as we scale into a leading lifestyle brand.

As a Brand Storyteller, you will utilize your creative videography and photography skills to create powerful and compelling visual stories that communicate the Kenny Flowers brand and story. 

As a key member of the team, you will be instrumental in showing behind the scenes of Kenny Flowers - the design process, our factories, photoshoots in exotic locations and what its like being a founder of a leading e-commerce brand that is turning everyday into a vacation.

You will work closely with our founder Kenny Haisfield, our Head Of Women’s Christina Vidal and our Marketing team (sometimes in luxe, tropical destinations) to visually tell the story of the brand and its founder across all platforms.

We want this to be the coolest job you’ve ever had, and the beginning of an awesome new future with Kenny Flowers.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Uncover, capture and build visual storytelling assets about the brand and its founder.
  2. Produce compelling visual stories and video assets for Kenny Flowers across all digital media channels. 
  3. Film and produce videos showing the behind the scenes of the Kenny Flowers brand. For example, telling the story of a shirt from the creative brainstorming and ideation through to production at the boutique factories where Kenny Flowers and Watercolors products are cut and sewn. 
  4. Travel with founder Kenny Haisfield and Head of Women’s Christina Vidal, following and documenting their journeys around the world to share with our audiences. These videos will showcase how they combine traversing the globe from one luxury destination to the next, while building a leading lifestyle brand and helping others get to their dream locales.
  5. Create longer documentary style videos interviewing key people at Kenny Flowers, as well as short viral videos for social platforms such as Instagram reels and TikTok.
  6. Collaborate with the Marketing team to generate creative ideas for video content to strengthen Kenny Flower’s marketing strategy.
  7. Play a key role in evolving the stories that we tell and how we share them with our key audiences
  8. Develop and implement new and creative ideas to engage Kenny Flowers target audience online with video content.


You are a high-energy, creative, organized, detail-oriented, self-motivated, responsible, hard worker and a clear communicator ready to produce some fire content.

  1. Bachelor’s and/or master’s degree in the areas of communication, marketing, creative writing or related field.
  2. Proven ability to tell compelling stories through video/film and photography.
  3. Passion for storytelling and a keen sense of newsworthiness (what makes a story interesting from the audience’s perspective). 
  4. Great interviewing skills, ability to ask effective questions and develop rapport/trust with story subjects.
  5. Visual, audio and video content creation experience and well-developed eye/ear for best practices in each.
  6. Excellent working knowledge of DSLR cameras, video, audio recorder, microphones and other equipment to creative visual stories. 
  7. Advanced experience using editing software (image, audio and video, post production)
  8. Deep understanding of how to communicate to different audiences, with experience planning content, editing and managing timelines.
  9. Strong portfolio of video projects, including documentary and interview projects. 
  10. Ability to handle multiple projects, prioritize, and work well under tight deadlines.
  11. Great communication and organization skills, strong multitasking ability, detail-oriented and flexible.
  12. Able to take direction but operate with minimal supervision and thrive in an environment working independently in a constantly-evolving atmosphere. Preferably have prior experience working remote with teammates in multiple time zones.
  13. Desire to contribute to an awesome company and product. Motivated to get Kenny Flowers to the next level.
  14. Wholeheartedly embody the lifestyle that Kenny Flowers aims to bring out in others.
  15. Positive attitude, hunger to learn and have fun.
  16. Experience with Google Drive (Docs, Sheets, etc.) or Microsoft Word/Excel. Having experience with Shopify, and Slack is a plus (no worries if not!) 
  17. Experience rocking Kenny Flowers in multiple scenarios

Who you’ll work with:

  1. Our founder, Kenny Haisfield, and with our Head of Women’s, Christina Vidal.
  2. Our marketing team to ensure the right assets are approved and distributed on the right platforms.
  3. Our entire team, our factory workers, our customers and our friends on specific projects.

Apply Now

To apply please email with subject line: Brand Storyteller - YOUR NAME.
Please include your resume, your social media handles, and a cover letter.