5 Classy Holiday Hawaiians To Shake Up Any Office, Hanukkah, Or Christmas Party

5 Classy Holiday Hawaiians To Shake Up Any Office, Hanukkah, Or Christmas Party

If you know Kenny Flowers, you know two things are true: 1. We are always down for a party; and 2. Whatever we’re celebrating, we’re turning it up a notch.

Even at the most formal affair, you’ll see us kicking off our shoes in the corner and teaching the oldest partygoer how to properly master the macarena. We’re here to have fun, feel good and look good while we’re doing it (and make sure others are enjoying themselves too).

As the holiday season approaches, we’re looking for ways to cut through the formality and bring that big island party energy. No matter what kind of themed get-together you’re attending this year — awkward office party, family and friends dinners, or maybe a Chrismahannukwanzukah celebration? — the best way you can set the tone for the type of night you want to have is your outfit.

Yep, get excited, Flowers fam, because we’re here to save you from all the itchy synthetic fibers of an ugly sweater party by offering up some fun, festive, and alternative takes on your holiday ensembles this year.

Dress any of these KF shirts up with a blazer and have the cleanest look in the house. Check out these five classy Holiday Hawaiians and get ready to make the rounds this year. 

The 5 best KF holiday hawaiians to wear this holiday season

1. The Jungle All The Way 

guy wearing green christmas hawaiian shirt with santa and holiday design made by kenny flowers

Think about it: When it’s the holidays, everyone goes for red. Why not set off all the blinding ruby dresses and decor with a deep reindeer-and-hawaiian-shirt-wearing-santa-patterned evergreen? Spruce things up this holiday season and bring the effortless cool of a Bali jungle night right into the most wonderful time of the year.

The Jungle All the Way is understated but definitely green and on-theme, featuring a minty fresh sunglass loop candy cane holder in the front pocket and a little seasonal print in the same high-quality fabric you’ve come to know and love. Top yourself off with a Santa hat and it’s a look that nobody can match. Except, of course, your date.

Shop the Jungle All The Way Shirt Now

2. The Fa La Lamingos 

Christmas Hawaiian shirt with surfing flamingo print and santa hat by kenny flowers

It should come as no surprise that flamingos surf, rock santa hats, and sing carols this time of year too. Throw this sharp, festive button-down on for wherever you’re celebrating these next couple months, and ride the holiday wave in style - from the open-bar office parties straight to Christmas dinner. This surfin’ flamingo print is juuust the right amount of Christmas spirit for the holiday season, but it’s subtle enough that you can pull it off any time of the year. Don’t wait to join the flock, because with only 250 made this year, these limited edition birds won’t be around long.

Shop the The Fa La Lamingos Shirt Now

3. The Winter Purradise 

white snow leopard print long sleeve hawaiian shirt by kenny flowers being worn at a bali pool party

This long-sleeve snow leopard print hawaiian is one fit for all the holiday party animals - it comes in a blinding winter white leopard print that’ll make you every snow bunny’s worst nightmare. With the same unbeatable quality and fit that you’ve come to expect from Kenny Flowers, there’s no need to hibernate this winter. 

It’s the obvious choice for a fierce and festive holiday season ensemble. The Winter Purradise stands out from the crowd and is guaranteed to keep you warm and spark conversation (“Who would be wild enough to wear that to this party?”). The answer is you, you animal. 

Shop The Winter Purradise Shirt Today

4. The Feliz Bali-dad

red christmas-themed hawaiian shirt and santa hat being worn in miami brand kenny flowers

Okay, so, maybe you don’t want to be subtle. Maybe you’re feelin’ the holiday spirit and want to make a big, bold statement when you walk into that office party. Well, friends, this is the Hawaiian for you. Classy and uncomplicated, this Hawaiian would look extra sharp with a blazer, or extra festive draped in some colorful lights at Santacon. Because if you’re not afraid to go this bright, we know you’re just waiting for an excuse to go even brighter — literally. Be merry and maybe pick up a few extra to gift the rest of the family. 

Shop The Feliz Bali-Dad Shirt Today

5. The Challah Days

blue hannukah hawaiian shirt by kenny flowers being worn by jewish guy playing dreidel

You thought we’d leave you hangin’ in a tacky, ugly sweater this holiday season? That just wouldn’t be kosher so we made this Hanukkah Hawaiian just for Jew… and we think you’re gonna like it a latke. So much that you might try to go on Birthright again. Or retire early in Florida. This limited edition Jewish gem of a shirt is perfect for the challah days and the lit nights listening to Maccabeats. It’s going to be a hit at your office holiday party, to the point where your boss compliments you and you probably should just go ahead and buy two today and gift him one. 

PSA: There’s nothing wrong with wearing the same shirt 8 nights in a row, or matching with your boss, brother, dad, etc. this holiday season. We’re in this together.

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'Tis The Season, To be Steezin'

two guys wearing hannukah and christmas hawaiian shirts by kenny flowers

Remember, holiday parties are a chance to celebrate a year of hard work and to have fun with your people. You don’t want to humiliate yourself with a tacky sweater that’s a complete miss. Depending on the classiness of the event, you can easily throw a blazer over any of these options and be the best dressed guy out there. Not only that, you’re ready to keep the party going at the bars after your over-eager co-workers hit the eggnog a little too hard. 

Whatever you’re up to, we’ve got you covered with the freshest looks this holiday season.  Shop the full holiday-themed range and other festive options here. 

Shop The KF Holiday Party Collection

We hope you’re with us on taking a strong stance against tacky, tropical Christmas Hawaiians with this full collection of limited edition, peppermint-fresh holiday Hawaiian shirts that are ready for however many office, Hanukkah and Christmas parties you throw their way. 

Don’t forget to tag us in your festive photos @KennyFlowers_ for a chance to be featured on the ‘gram.

red christmas hawaiian shirt by kenny flowers being worn on a lounge chair and captured in a selfie 

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